Monday, June 8, 2009, 3:54 PM
Monday Poll 06/08/2009
1. Mood: not in the mood to study Pharma!
2. Something from your wardrobe that you absolutely love? My scoop-neck white tee I got for $4 at Wet Seal--it's a basic, but I absolutely LOVE to accessorize it
3. How do you pull yourself out of a funk? I wear a lip gloss/eye product I seldom wear--bright pink lip gloss (Coastal Scents Lip Smacks in Pep Pink, I love it!) or shimmery gold shadow
4. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Maybelline Full N Soft mascara/Softlips lipbalm/eyeslipsface Contouring blush
5. Favorite blush o’ the moment? eyeslipsface Contouring blush!
6. Favorite mascara o’ the moment? Maybelline Define-A-Lash!
7. Outfit: My green scrubs. It's Monday!
8. Something that always makes you smile? Every (and I mean, EVERY) time Ena says, "Thank you!" for the things I do!
9. Who’s cooler — old school Michael Jackson or old school Brett Michaels? Old school Michael Jackson, DUH!
10. Weekly goals: Study the Heart Disease unit of Pharmacology for my test tomorrow, Chapter 28 & 29 for Med-Surg I, complete the interview with my Aunt for my extra credit for Pharmacology, help move Jamie's stuff


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Hello, my name is Hannah, and I'm a student in Nursing. If I'm not studying, I'm probably watching makeup videos. I'm boring; I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't party; I'm pleased with staying home, sedentary. I love to cook, eat, and--knock on wood--I'm lucky it doesn't affect my weight! I love life, as simple as I can have it. I love makeup, designer bags, food, and first-person shooters. It's all quite fun!

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