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My favorite makeup tutorials
Kandee Johnson's Day-to-Night look

Day Look:

1. Soft Ocher paintpot all over eyelid (eyelash to eyebrow) as the eyeshadow base
2. Brule (or Blanc Type, Naked Lunch) from eyelash to eyebrow
3. Copperplate (or Omega) on the eyelid and corner toward outer side of eyebrow
4. Line upper lashline with Grey Utility
5. Go over lashline Carbon to soften line, use residue on brush to line lower lashline, and blend onto crease.
6. Blend Copperplate on eyelid
7. Line conjuctiva with Smolder.
8. Fill eyebrows with Cork (Omega if blond).
9. Add mascara.

10. Dot Posey cream blush on apples.
11. Highlight under cheekbones and below eye with Golden Bronze, temples, nosebridge, and under eyebrows

12. Line and fill with Sore
13. Apply Blankety.
14. Luminary or Floribundance to middle of lips

Night Look:

15. Line Smoker along lashline and conjuctiva.
16. Go over black liner with Carbon to a slight cat-eye, and into crease/outer half of eye.
17. Smudge Carbon into lower lashline.
18. Go over eyelid with Copper Flake
19. Apply mascara along to lashes, with extra emphasis to the outer lashes.

20. Blunt bronzer on outer side of cheekbones

21. Line and fill with Sore.
22. Too Faced burgundy lip gloss

Pack in bag;
-Smoker liner
-Carbon/Print eyeshadow
-Filbert cut brush
-angled brush

Taylor Swift's "Love Story" tutorial

1. Shell cream highlighter under cheekbones, on nose bridge, on eyelid, and on brow bone

2. Dazzlelight on lid and browbone
3. All the Glitters on lid
4. Smolder along eyelashes, extended a bit past the end of the eye
5. Carbon to set eyeliner
6. Satin Taupe along crease/outer V/outer triangle
7. Charcoal Brown in crease
8. Stila Kitten on inner corners of eyes and blended into inner half of eye
9. All That Glitters blended into crease
10. Laura Mercier Coffee Brown along outer half of lashline and into outer half of crease, slightly winging at the ends
11. Satin Taupe smudged along lower lash line
12. Curl lashes and coat with
13. Blanc Type along browbone
14. Omega into crease
15. Fill in brows

16. Posey dabbed on cheeks
17. Benefit Dandelion to set
18. Benefit 10 to highlight along cheekbone, nose bridge, and browbones

19. Line with Benefit Posh
20. Fill with NYC Chiffon
21. Underage gloss

Audrina Patridge-inspired look

1. Cream Shadow in Dust on eyelid and into crease
2. Satin Taupe patted into eyelid until browbone
3. Satin Taupe fluffed into crease and outer side of the browbone
4. Dazzlelight (or Naked Lunch) beneath browbone and dotted near inner canthus
5. Smolder (or Engraved) along conjuctiva, and extend line upper lashline; line lower lashline very thin
6. Carbon to set liner
7. Smudge Satin Taupe along liner. Also extend lower line into inner canthus.
8. Fill in brows. (Omega if Blond, Charcoal Brown if Brunette, Cork if Redhead)
13. Curl Lashes
14. Apply Mascara (L'Oreal Double Extend)

9. Blunt from nasolabial fold to little above the crus of the helix, on side of forehead, on nose bridge, and on chin.
10. Golden Bronze on top of cheekbones and on nose bridge

11. Using a Too Faced gloss palette, mix Peach and Honey

Really Fast Work/School Look

1. Powder eyelids/apply base
2. Fluff Blanc Type from lashline to brows
3. Line both upper and lower lashes with Wolf, extending slightly past the outer lashlines.
4. Smudge along and above liner with Print, and blend into the crease. Softly blend more Print onto whole eyelid.
5. Thinly line upper and lower lashline with Carbon.
6. Curl lashes and apply mascara (L'Oreal Double Extend)
11. Fill in brows.

7. Blend Posey on cheeks (from naso-labial line, up to cheekbone/temple)
8. Shell above cheekbones, as well as along nose bridge

9. Laura Gellar Lip Spackle
10. Luminary gloss

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