Saturday, July 18, 2009, 2:32 AM
Cosmetics Wishlist! (Someday I shall get these, someday. hehe)
-color wheel ($23): CPF-C (Shinto I-IV)
-Sample jar ($4): Shinto VIII

NYX Cosmetics:
-Rouge Cream Blush ($7): Natural
(-Loose Face Powder ($14): Goddess Shimmer)

-Mineral Airbrush Pressed Foundation ($26.19): 8-WM

-Finishing powder ($15): Ami

Coastal Scents:
-lip glossies: copper flame, sheer crimson, pep pink (i always have pep pink on me everywhere i go, and i love it!)
-hot pot eyeshadows ($5, akin to MAC eyeshadows): s35 (MAC Satin Taupe), m04 (MAC Bamboo), m22 (MAC Dark Edge), m16 (MAC Charcoal Brown), s05 (MAC Patina )
-gel liner ($7 each): deep plum (my HG liner!--for weekends), true black (for evenings/photos/special occasions)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
-lip tar ($12): pretty beige, hush; vintage, uber, feathered, pageant, katricia, melange

MAC Cosmetics:
-paint pots ($18): soft ochre, bare study

Glamour Doll Cosmetics
-eyeshadow: UFO

Everyday Minerals (6 pieces for $36 or 12 pieces for $50):
-brushes: flat-top bronzer brush (for all-around application--foundation, blush, setting powder), eye shadow brush, eye kabuki brush (the larger size makes it great for concealer!), oval concealer brush
-eye shadows: laptop (pearl), hot chocolate (pearl), movie night (matte), autumn afternoon (pearl)
-intensive concealer: medium
-blush: snuggle (sheen)*, swimming pool (matte)

-indelible cream shadow ($9-ish) (unless MAD Minerals has it for cheaper): Nude Frost (MAC Bare Study), Bronze Frost (MAC Indianwood), Tip Taupe (MAC Groundwork), Apricot Frost (MAC Rubenesque), Bare Necessity (MAC Painterly)
-eye shadow: arielle, wonder/persephone, desire

Max Factor
-Mascara: Volume Couture, 1000 Calorie
-vivid impact lipcolor: skinny dip

-HiP Duo in Dynamic, Gilded

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