Monday, November 23, 2009, 2:57 PM
NoiretteBeauty's Monday Poll, Nov. 23
  1. Mood:
  2. I feel pretty. It's a rare feeling.

  3. Celine Dion power ballads?
  4. That's when you KNOW you're at a Filipino home!

  5. What is your least favorite vegetable?
  6. Radish. (I haven't tried all vegetables.) I'm going to get you for that, Francis!

  7. Plans for Thanksgiving?
  8. *Crosses Fingers* I hope I can spend it with Team Illinois at Shon's!

  9. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
  10. Soft Ochre paint pot, Everyday Minerals Translucent Powder in Translucent Medium, Jordana Morning Coffee liner, MAC Carbon shadow / Sephora lipliner in Creme Addict / ELF Cheek Contour Duo, MAC Fawntastic

  11. Do you have any wardrobe pet peeves?
  12. My pants--my thighs grow everytime I put my jeans on! They never seem to fit perfectly, or they'll rip inner midthigh, OR--worst of all!--two inches of butt cleavage visible with minimal effort! I'm not willing to pay $200 for a pair of J-Brands that'll cover my bum but still rip at the thigh, hehe

  13. Have you ever kept a makeup or beauty product that you initially purchased as a gift for someone else?
  14. My brick Coastal Scents lip gloss! Sorry mom, it looked great with my berry C.O. Bigelow tinted lip balm!

  15. Last yummy thing you prepared for yourself?
  16. For me alone? Nah. It's so difficult to cook for one person...I suppose I'll name the time (hello, early into the LVN program) I made adobo traditional style (salty) and left it out. It was so good my stepdad finished it and thanked my mom, thinking she made it!

  17. Outfit:
  18. White quarter-length v-neck under my white scrubs, and some pink

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. To have a warm, chill, happy week! Study respiratory disorders for MS-2, complete the group report and powerpoint on Tay-Sachs Disease, be kind, and take extra care of my skin!


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Hello, my name is Hannah, and I'm a student in Nursing. If I'm not studying, I'm probably watching makeup videos. I'm boring; I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't party; I'm pleased with staying home, sedentary. I love to cook, eat, and--knock on wood--I'm lucky it doesn't affect my weight! I love life, as simple as I can have it. I love makeup, designer bags, food, and first-person shooters. It's all quite fun!

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