Monday, December 14, 2009, 8:52 PM
NoiretteBeauty's Monday Poll, Dec 14
  1. Mood:
  2. Anxious--MS-2 midterm tomorrow, Leadership final and potluck on Wednesday, and my 2-week winter break begins this week!

  3. Three things that bring you joy:
  4. 1) love, being around fun people that build me up and not bring me down (I love my girls Brandy, Ena, and Angela!)

    2) eargasms/eyegasms/tastegasms/smellgasms (good music, good movies, good food, good smells)

    3) tie between getting unexpected phone calls and random acts of kindness

  5. How’d ya sleep last night?
  6. Not very long--little over one hour. I was debating whether to even bother sleeping or not, since I had to begin getting ready for clinicals within three hours. I did take a nap that afternoon, though, and I JUST woke up from a good 3-hour nap not too long ago.

  7. Something you’d like to improve about yourself in 2010?
  8. I want to be a nicer, more patient, less judgmental person, and to smell as sweet as I'd become (vanilla frosting minus skin irritation is the goal)

  9. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
  10. MAC Cream Colour Base in Fawntastic, Coastal Scents Hot Pot in #M04 and #M16, CG Lashblast / Softlips in the raspberry flavor / eyeslipsface contouring duo

  11. What’s one skincare product you find yourself buying over and over again?
  12. Cetaphil lotion and Aquaphor ointment--all very gentle for my sensitive skin!

  13. One type of holiday food that you absolutely REFUSE to eat:
  14. Ham, I just don't do pork.

  15. How do you feel about ’90s fashion?
  16. It beats '80s fashion; during this decade the mom jeans began to be fazed out (though the waistline was still quite high by the end of the decade). I'm not thrilled about the midriff galore, but I do love my Auntie Mercy's fashion--I remember her in a black ribbed turtle neck over a long, flowy water-color flower on black chiffon skirt. I LOVE how guys wear the knit sweater loose, and how it drapes on the masculine physique! (Old boyband videos on youTube, .::sigh:::.)

  17. Outfit:
  18. White scoop-neck thermal over light jeans, and my Fairisle ankle boots!

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. Study for the aforementioned exams, observe and write about a day at preschool, skin detox, try to catch up with the besties (old and new) over the break, and be nice!...and seek some luck under the stars, hehe


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Hello, my name is Hannah, and I'm a student in Nursing. If I'm not studying, I'm probably watching makeup videos. I'm boring; I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't party; I'm pleased with staying home, sedentary. I love to cook, eat, and--knock on wood--I'm lucky it doesn't affect my weight! I love life, as simple as I can have it. I love makeup, designer bags, food, and first-person shooters. It's all quite fun!

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