Friday, January 1, 2010, 1:17 PM
Have a beautiful 2010!
Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a safe, loving celebration of 2009 into 2010 (and the appropriate kisses?)

My new favorite makeup tutorial, courtesy Kandee Johnson!

(All products MAC, unless specified otherwise)

1. Prime
2. Dust a yogurt pinky shade (usually Brule)
3. Dust Quarry into the outer crease and brow bone of the eye
4. Deepen the outer crease with Fake, blend into Quarry
5. Warm the brow bone area with Cork
6. Dust Naked Lunch into inner eye area and under brows
8. Line upper lashline and outer corner with Grey Utility, smudge.
9. Line conjuctiva with black pencil (usually Smolder)
10. Set Grey Utility with Scene. Line Scene along lower lashline and smoke it out.
11. Blend (Fake? Scene?) into crease/brow bone.
12. Line Smolder along upper lashline.
13. Set Smolder with Carbon, blend residue onto Grey Utility.
14. Blend Scene along lashline and atop the residue of Grey Utility
15. Fluff Rose Gold into middle of lid, working way toward inner canthus. Dust under arch of eyebrow.
16. Curl lashes.
17. Apply mascara.

7. Fill brunette brows with Quite Natural Paint Pot

18. Dot Pearl Cream Color Base atop cheekbones, nose bridge, and philtrum.
19. Set cream color base with Silver Dust
25. Dot Tarte Greek Siren on apples of cheeks, blend.
26. Set with bubble gum pink blush.
27. Sculp Blunt beneath cheekbones, into temples, and tip of chin.

20. Line and fill with Urban Decay Naked
21. Line outer part with Hodgepodge
22. Fill with Nude Rose
23. Dab center of lips with Yaby LC213
24. Fill with Moon Stone jelly gloss

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