Sunday, March 21, 2010, 2:57 PM
Damian Marley, "Still Searchin'"

[Damian Marley]

Some gal in a twinkling of an eye

Dem a ready fi come pull down me Karl Kani

Oh, come on now

Tell me how can I

Love a one dat really don't deserve me

Na try fi keep and na try preserve me

Me's a boy could get whole heep a girl ya heard me

Many are called but only few dem worthy

Body have to physically strong and sturdy

Spiritually balanced fi clean and purge me

Mentally advanced fi always urge me

Read a couple books and challenge the clergy

Read a couple psalms up in the morning early

[Damian Marley]

Could you be so kind

Then show me a sign

I've been searchin' and it's so hard to find

Decent values with a decent wine

Decent jubee running it down the line

Maybe it's my mind

Maybe I'm blind

Maybe it's the way that I've been spending my time

I'm still searching for a fine peace of mind

Decent jubee running it down the line

[Yami Bolo]

A little child has grown

And he's got love on his mind

But what he'll never know

A virtuous woman is hard to find

[Stephen Marley]

And dat's when she said

She feels the pain

And she'll never fall

In love again

[Damian Marley]

So if you is a gal with whole heep of value

What a valuable nice and decent gal, you

When I get you I'll be glad I got you

Then stand firmly inna your life like statue

Seen some old tings seen some young tings

Seen some little silly go-and-come tings

Seen some one night just-for-fun tings

What an indecent piece of someting

[Yami Bolo]

Some say that love is blind

But he keep saying, "Not This Time" (Not this time, baby love)

So all we need is love

To keep his heart in line

[Stephen Marley]

But that's when she said,

"Lord I feel the pain"

And she'll never fall

In love again


You have some gyal ah come pon man premises

And ah fling up dat ting that's between di knees

And ah fill up man head with false promises

Oh dutty bungle please

Couldn't want to run that so fast with ease

Been there, done that my main squeeze

Is natural, simply natural


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