Monday, April 12, 2010, 3:45 PM
NoiretteBeauty's Monday Poll, April 12
  1. Mood:
  2. Tiiiiredddd. I so didn't want to go home!

  3. What’s your date night fragrance?
  4. I need to work on that one! My new (signature?) fragrance is shea-cocoa butter-scented baby oil!

  5. Can you swim?
  6. No, and I've managed to drown, twice, in one summer.

  7. Your current favorite article of clothing?
  8. My black yoga pants (for home, of course)! The Mr seems to loooove em ;)

  9. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
  10. MAC Cream Color Base in Fawntastic, L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof in Carbon Black / Aquaphor / bare cheeks

  11. Name something good that’s happened to you recently:
  12. Meeting Caleb! He's an amazing man--yes, MAN! (Brian, I think I found my diamond!) More details to come, as it happens ;)

  13. Maxi dresses: yay or nay?
  14. Yay! I wish I could fit 'em, because they're so pretty for warm weather. I'll likely wear em with some cork platforms or wood heels, because I am so short.

  15. Have you ever painted a room?
  16. When I was 16, after my dad left, my mom felt like changing up the place. She called my aunt and her girlfriend and we painted the walls dark green (living room) and light moss green (dining area, bedroom). You could actually see the line of demarcation at the door.

  17. Outfit:
  18. Tangerine Snoopy Chug-A-Lug tee, jeans, and faux-shearling boots.

  19. Weekly goals:
  20. Begin cleaning, finish the leftovers in the fridge, and do the dishes. Oh, yeah, and study for NCLEX. Boo!!!

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Hello, my name is Hannah, and I'm a student in Nursing. If I'm not studying, I'm probably watching makeup videos. I'm boring; I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't party; I'm pleased with staying home, sedentary. I love to cook, eat, and--knock on wood--I'm lucky it doesn't affect my weight! I love life, as simple as I can have it. I love makeup, designer bags, food, and first-person shooters. It's all quite fun!

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